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Gateway Protection System for Grantley Hall

Grantley Hall is a luxurious 5 star hotel, spa and event venue in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Core has been working with the team since before it opened to the public and has played an integral role in the design and installation of state-of-the-art IT, networks and technology throughout the resort.

The Challenge

As part of its risk management and business continuity planning, Grantley Hall identified a need for robust security to prevent cyber threats to the business’s 120 computers and 8 servers.

Their key priority was to protect their end points – in other words, to make sure that none of their staff or guests were ever at risk of being on the receiving end of a virus or other malicious content. Grantley Hall understood the impact a data breach or cyber attack could have on their business, their reputation and their ability to continue operating.

Our Solution

Our objective was to protect their gateway, end points and cloud data from attack, pushing any threat as far away from their operational business as possible. The implementation of a third party solution further managed their risk.

Our specialist IT team have in-depth knowledge of the systems used by Grantley Hall, having been involved from the very start. We recommended Sophos Intercept X with EDR and XG Firewalls for this project, which is one of the biggest anti-virus upgrades we have ever completed. Our familiarity with the venue’s hardware and business operations meant we were ideally placed to plan and deliver this large-scale project.

As well as providing some of the most robust protection on the market, the project has improved user experience, benefitting both staff and guests


The Sophos solution we designed for Grantley Hall is extremely user friendly and has been well received by the team.

It incorporates the very latest endpoint and encryption software and we included a firewall solution which is managed through the same console, for fully integrated security protection that will automatically lock down the entire system in seconds should a security breach or infection occur.