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IT Energy Audits


IT is a big contributor to any business’s carbon footprint. An IT Energy Audit measures output and reports back with clear data from different devices and networks. This is an excellent way of highlighting where energy use is highest and understanding where the impact of investment will be greatest.

When businesses approach us with a goal of reducing emissions from their IT, our first step is to help them understand the impact their equipment has on energy use across the business. An Energy Audit provides useful data to make informed decisions. An IT sustainability plan goes even further.

Optimisation of your IT and networks has a surprisingly significant impact on costs and emissions. You can find out more about IT sustainability and answers to some commonly asked questions here.

Talk to Core’s IT team. We’re experts in sustainable IT and we can look at simple network changes as well as bigger projects. Some of the things we might be able to help with are data centre efficiencies. Optimising CPU usage, migrating to cloud-based technologies where possible and reconfiguring your network to make it more efficient. Call us on 01422 880 180.