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IT Support and Managed Networking Services

Our managed IT services packages are bespoke to your business. We act as your dedicated virtual IT department, managing your hardware, software, repairs and upgrades.

You can trust our team to respond quickly and keep your business functioning, minimising downtime.

As well as supporting your IT day to day, Core offers a complete security and disaster recovery service so that your business doesn’t suffer if the worst happens.

Managed Networking Services

Our managed network service means zero touch for the customer with seamless automatic upgrades and the option to spread the cost of hardware and software as part of a monthly contract, rather than up front outlay.

A unified portal manages all devices with automated ticketing when an issue is identified, which allows our team to respond and resolve it before it becomes a problem – often before the client has even noticed.

Our latest equipment is wi-fi 6 compatible, offering enhanced range, connectivity, user capability and speeds. As technology evolves, our managed networking service can include automatic upgrades as part of the monthly cost.

Call our IT team on 01422 880 180 to find out more